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      • What is an SMS message?

        An SMS message is a text-based message sent or received on your mobile handset.

      • How much does it cost to receive an SMS message?

        Standard carrier rates apply with this regular rated short code.

      • What is a shortcode?

        A shortcode is a five or six-digit number used to address SMS messages. Molson shortcodes are 665766, 14747, 25858, 36969, 61224, 645537.

      • What is a keyword?

        A keyword is used in the SMS message as an action identifier you send to a shortcode to tell us which service you would like to reach.

      • Who can see my mobile number?

        Your mobile number is kept confidential. It will not be used by anyone without your permission.

      • How do I opt out of this service?

        If you no longer wish to receive SMS messages from this service, text STOP to the applicable short code (665766, 14747, 25858, 36969, 61224)

      • How many messages will I receive?

        Molson Coors Canada will send you approximately 2-3 SMS messages per month.